TraceTracker’s central business idea is to provide visibility and automate processes. Our products and services empower vital business processes for our customers. With the use of various technologies for data capture and labeling, food companies can trace ingredients from the “farm to the fork”; from individual fields through the supply chain to restaurants or stores. Our product traceability solutions address food safety, sustainability and market access issues. We enable construction and rental companies to track and manage various tools, equipment, vehicles and containers across warehouses, projects and locations. Information about the location, status, and utilization of equipment and tools is available on the web or on smart phones, thus enabling cost saving measures. Other TraceTracker solutions relate to cold chain management and anti-counterfeiting.

Over the last ten years, the company has made a mark in the development of traceability solutions. For example in 2009, the company was awarded Technology Pioneer prize by the World Economic Forum. Today TraceTracker operates out of several global offices collaborating with research institutions and other partners to develop the next generation of traceability tools. 

TraceTracker has worked on almost every facet of traceability since the company was founded in 2000. Key competencies have been gained through several national and international research projects such as eSporing, the TRACE project and eTrace, in collaboration with renowned research institutions. In addition to public research and development projects, TraceTracker’s list of private clients includes leaders in the food and commodities industries such as BASF and Heinz, and leading innovators in the construction industry. Current and previous traceability projects span the globe from Africa and Asia to Europe and the Americas. As a leader in the field, TraceTracker plays an important role in the development of traceability standards that apply across industries and sectors. TraceTracker’s trace and track solutions have been designed to be standard-based, cost effective, scalable, and secure.

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